Delightful Discoveries (with Host Simon Brooks): Antonio Sacre, Jamie Olivero

Antonio Sacre

Antonio Sacre tells stories.

His tales of growing up bilingually in a Cuban and Irish-American household have inspired children worldwide to gather their own family stories and become storytellers themselves. His stories have been published in award-winning books and audio recordings. His Professional Developments and Keynote addresses have helped educators teach writing to students from pre-Kindergarten through graduate school. Now his stories are being developed for film and television.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two children, and two cats. Yes, he’s a cat guy.

Jamie Olivero

Jamie Olivero is a traditionally trained storyteller and arts-in-education specialist. His commitment is a storyteller is to promote social justice and good citizenship by using the wisdom offered in traditional stories to create common ground between people of different cultures, and backgrounds. He has specially designed workshops and performances for students at different grade levels, teachers, community groups, and general audiences. The workshops include activities that develop trust at the group level, and encourage compassionate and peaceful interaction. His performances draw on world folklore: stories that reflect, humour, mystery, wisdom, and adventure.

Guest Host – Simon Brooks

Simon Brooks is an award-winning British storyteller living in America – actually, New London, New Hampshire, New England, New World!  He also uses his voice to record audio books. He is also a poet, writer, photographer, and educator.

Order his new book Under The Oaken Bough and listen to his new podcast Conversations with Storytellers to hear what it is like to perform storytelling for a living from some living legends!

Music by Podington Bear!

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