Interconnected Nature (with Host Isabelle Hauser): Priya Muthukumar, Elisa Pearmain

Priya Muthukumar

Priya’s love for storytelling has taken her to various schools, colleges, museums, parks, corporate offices, railway stations…where she has delightfully narrated stories to one & all ! Also her love for Nature makes her include nuggets of environmental wisdom in all her narrations. Priya is a performance-storyteller and is the founder of the storytelling initiative, STORIPUR. She is a translator who works on children’s literature and has translated around 15 books to Tamil. She writes ‘sustainability stories’ for magazines. She strongly believes in the famous quote that if one needs to know about the culture, one needs to listen to stories. And  if  one needs to change the culture, then the stories told too need to change !Currently, she is working with National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, handling General Elective- Storytelling. You can find her on Facebook or YouTube.

Elisa Pearmain

Elisa began her storytelling career by working for ten years as a Storyteller in Residence in the Boston Public Schools. There she came to appreciate and tell stories from the many diverse cultures that the children represented. Other early storytelling experiences included collecting stories from Vietnam Veterans and sharing them with high school, college and adults in a program called, The Defoliated Heart. She also led groups of women to share and learn from their stories together. These experiences helped to inspire her belief in the power of stories to heal.

Recently her most popular storytelling programs  in the schools are on character education and bullying prevention through story. She received a grant in 2002 to study character education through story from the National Storytelling Network.

She is a currently a board member of The Healing Story Alliance and is an active member of The League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling (LANES), and past Board member.  You can learn more about LANES and the storytelling conference at

Host – Isabelle Hauser

A fairy tale believer since the beginning of her time, Isabelle Hauser discovered the path of storytelling training with professional storyteller Liz Weir in Northern Ireland. When Isabelle is not telling tales or playing the harp on various stages in Switzerland and abroad, you can find her talking to the swans on the shore of her hometown lake, looking for four leaf clover, or chasing rainbows in the surrounding forests. As a storyteller and harpist, she wants to create a space for her audience to see that reality, too. Or to just provide them with a break from everyday life! Whisking people of all ages and origins to long ago and far away with music and story is her greatest passion in life.

Music by Podington Bear

Did you know the Story Story Podcast was featured Feedspots Top 30 Fairy Tale Podcasts? There are a lot of great podcasts on this list and we are thrilled to be included!

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