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DD Storyteller

Hi, I’m Dawn Nelson, also known as DD Storyteller. I live in a village on the beautiful South Downs I have had a passion for stories all my life, from the epic sagas of the old worlds to the anecdote told between friends at the dinner table. As a storyteller I write and perform both interactive stories and traditional tales, as well as creating story based events and workshops for all ages. The nature that surrounds me has influenced many of my stories and I love to incorporate the outside world and ancestral wisdom into my performances for young and old. 

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Rewild Yourself Through Story Box

Let story reconnect you with your wild soul, nature and the landscape that surrounds you. Inspired by the seasons and the wheel of the year, this box uses story to explore the nature and landscape of the UK through a zine, oracle deck, audio stories and journal.’
 In the zine, each month there are three stories for you to explore that connect you with the seasons and the oracle deck connects you with the stories of seven different habitats, along with an exclusive link to accompanying online audio stories.’

A-Z of Rewilding Stories Zines  
The A-Z of rewilding stories is a series of limited edition zines that seeks to connect the reader with nature and the landscape that surrounds them one story at a time.
As we work through A-Z, each zine takes an element of nature as its focus and encourages connection through story, folklore and mindful moments.
To accompany each edition there is a link to an audio to compliment the mindful moment for wellbeing and a selection of exercises that will help you to connect with the story and the nature within it on a deeper level.

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