Phaeton and Apollo (with Host Simon Brooks): Megan Wells

Megan Wells

Megan Wells

Megan is a seasoned national award winning Storyteller. With twenty years experience as a teaching/touring Story Artist, Megan has a golden reputation as a true professional, prolific artist and charismatic performer. Megan warmly customizes her extensive repertoire for all ages and venues. Balancing wisdom and wit, Megan’s story events are memorable for she creates mind cinema — living pictures in the imagination. Best known for her long form shows and literary adaptations, yet she is equally gifted with folktales for children and families. Megan is the resident storyteller with Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Once Upon a Symphony Family programming, the Artistic Director for the Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival, and Story Consultant for Witmer & Associates Unleashing the Leader program for executives. Megan is also a highly respected Story Coach. Her performance calendar is located on her website.

Guest Host – Simon Brooks

Simon Brooks is an award-winning British storyteller living in America – actually, New London, New Hampshire, New England, New World!  He also uses his voice to record audio books. He is also a poet, writer, photographer, and educator.

Order his new book Under The Oaken Bough and listen to his new podcast Conversations with Storytellers to hear what it is like to perform storytelling for a living from some living legends!

Music by Podington Bear!

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