Spin: Sue Searing, Cindy Rivka Marshall


Sue Searing

As a storyteller, my goal is to connect people with wisdom through the ancient art of story.  I tell traditional tales (fairy tales, folk tales, myths, legends, etc.) as well as true stories from my own life.  I love insights and lessons best when they’re wrapped in  funny or poignant stories.  I began my storytelling journey in Champaign-Urbana and have continued it in Minneapolis, where I perform at curated and open mic shows for both adults and children throughout the Twin Cities.


Cindy Rivka Marshall

Whether she is performing, teaching, facilitating or consulting, Cindy Rivka Marshall is guided by her value of respect for all.

Cindy tells multicultural and Jewish stories with universal lessons that resonate with her sense of wonder. She teaches storytelling, communication, interviewing and listening skills, and story-based approaches to teaching. Cindy creates safe environments for participants to speak and be heard. As a consultant, Cindy facilitates groups to articulate their values and message and build a sense of community.

Cindy has performed stories and presented workshops since 1989 throughout New England, nationally and in England, at festivals, conferences, schools, libraries, synagogues, churches and community groups. She studied acting, movement improvisation and storytelling with Julie Portman, Daena Giardella, Marsha Hiller, Elisa Pearmain, Peninnah Schram and others.

Music by Podington Bear!

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