Flutter and Buzz (with host Simon Brooks)

Donna Washington

Donna Washington

Donna L. Washington is a professional storyteller, actress, and author. She started performing at age six. She has adapted folktales into two full-length stage productions at Chicago’s Upstage Downstage Theater and performed at numerous storytelling festivals. She is the author of “The Story of Kwanzaa, and she received a Parents’ Choice Award for her recording “Live and Learn: The Exploding Frog and Other Stories.

Donna has performed at thousands of schools & libraries and numerous storytelling festivals throughout the country. 

She also offers workshops in storytelling, writing, education, and creative drama for librarians and educators as well.

Misty Mator

Misty Mator

Misty Mator captivates with timeless tales that teach history, celebrate culture, inspire creativity and promote moral values. She is a member of the TELL: Pittsburgh Storytelling Series production team, has appeared on Debut: A Fusion of Storytelling and Play, and the Women’s Storytelling Festival.  Misty draws on her study of traditional myths and her experience as a mother-of-four to entertain, educate, and amuse audiences of all ages.

Simon Brooks

Simon Brooks, Storyteller

Simon Brooks is an award-winning British storyteller who now lives in New London, New Hampshire, New England, New World!  He also uses his voice to bring a depth to folk and fairy tales, making them seem all the bit more real. He is also a storyteller, writer, and educator who dabbles in photography.

Order his book Under The Oaken Bough from your nearest brick and mortar bookstore, and listen to his podcast Conversations with Storytellers to hear what it is like to work as a performance storyteller, from some living legends!

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