Fish Scales and Bird Feathers (with Host Isabelle Hauser): Jamie Olivero, Milbre Burch

Jamie Olivero

Jamie Olivero is a traditionally trained storyteller and arts-in-education specialist. His commitment is a storyteller is to promote social justice and good citizenship by using the wisdom offered in traditional stories to create common ground between people of different cultures, and backgrounds. He has specially designed workshops and performances for students at different grade levels, teachers, community groups, and general audiences. The workshops include activities that develop trust at the group level, and encourage compassionate and peaceful interaction. His performances draw on world folklore: stories that reflect, humour, mystery, wisdom, and adventure.

Milbre Burch

A Grammy-nominated recording artist and internationally-known performer, educator, published poet and produced playwright, Milbre Burch is a storyteller in every sense of the word. She has been featured at events and festivals in 36 states and in fifteen European cities.

Burch is known for the versatility of her repertoire from folktales to fantasy, fiction and fairy tales to one-woman shows and original monologues. She is a recipient of the NSN ORACLE Circle of Excellence award.

Visit Milbre’s website.

Host – Isabelle Hauser

A fairy tale believer since the beginning of her time, Isabelle Hauser discovered the path of storytelling training with professional storyteller Liz Weir in Northern Ireland. When Isabelle is not telling tales or playing the harp on various stages in Switzerland and abroad, you can find her talking to the swans on the shore of her hometown lake, looking for four leaf clover, or chasing rainbows in the surrounding forests.

Music by Podington Bear

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