Cathryn Fairlee

Cathryn passed away in October 2019 and will be deeply missed as a friend and a storyteller. In her own words about her storytelling from an interview last year with edex live –

I started storytelling 35 years ago. I have travelled around the world gathering epics, myths, legends, histories, and folk and fairy tales from the folk. I work with other storytellers whenever I travel; even in Chennai and Kanchipuram, I’ve worked with a few of them. I have travelled and learnt about different cultures and I’ve gone back to the US to share them with others. I like the fact that one can give people therapy and teach them how to listen and enjoy the entire experience. It’s not lecturing or commanding them to agree with you. It’s about helping them enjoy and learn something.

Virginia Lucille Fox

Virginia lived in Colorado for over 57 years with most of them spent in Westminster and, after retirement, in Broomfield. She grew up in Illinois and traveled west in search of clean dry air and open spaces. Virginia fell in love with the beautiful Rocky Mountains and adopted an active lifestyle taking every opportunity to play tennis, run road races, hike, camp, ski and gaze at the stunning views of the northern Front Range. Retirement from the school district allowed Virginia to follow her second career path as an author of children’s stories which were published in several books. While the written word in story and poem form were near to Virginia’s heart it was in story telling that one of her true lights shined. Virginia was a Master Story Teller and through her business Fox Tales was widely sought after to educate, entertain and mesmerize audiences at Women’s Camps, university classrooms, primary school assemblies and birthday parties. Virginia’s compelling and often humorous story content, along with amazing delivery, drew in every listener and compelled those in the hallway to step into the room to hear more. 

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