Special Episode: “I Dreamt, MLK Jr” by Oni Lasana

Oni Lasana

For over three decades, Oni has delivered dynamic enrichment programs as a Radio Producer & Host ~ Professional Storyteller  Theater Director ~ Performance Poet  ~ Historical Interpreter  Playwright ~ Songwriter ~ Musician ~ Vocalist ~ MC ~ Workshop Facilitator ~ a Youth Mentor in the Performing Arts & Culture and much more!

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There are many talented storytellers of African descent in the united states. You can find out more about them and their work around the internet, but you can start your journey with a few links here –
Seriously What did You Call Me?–  While getting a passport to prepare for a trip abroad, Onawumi Jean discovered that her name is not on her birth certificate. Her aunt is able to clear up the mystery by disclosing a concession Onawumi’s mother made to get along and keep her job in the Jim Crow South. As an adult, Onawumi arranges a naming ceremony where she is able to honor her past and celebrate her creative present and future.
Clearing the Pool :  Kevin Brooks would like to think that the US was a different place in the 60’s than it is now. This is a story about how his family and how he dealt with one expression of racial prejudice.
Learning from Othello :Storyteller Kevin Brooks recounts his earliest encounters with Shakespeare, as an unwilling high school student who slowly came around as he dug deeper.
Mitch Capel –  The Colored Soldiers
Lyn Ford – Finding Josephus
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